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Troy Cassar-Daley, Country Music Artist


G'day :)

I'm thrilled to be chatting to the one and only Troy Cassar-Daley ...hope you enjoy eavesdropping on the conversation. :)

Welcome, Troy, let's get to it...

What inspired you to become a country music artist?

I always loved to sing as a kid and once I had started playing guitar, my path became very clear.

Can you tell us a bit about your most recently released album, or song?

My album “Home” is a bucket list record for me to have made, the Nashville players I used were ones I have listened to on records since I was a teenager! The title track Home really describes the first ten year of my life and the house I was raised in.

What are you working on now?

I am working on a record with a mate as a special project for next year (top secret)

Have you got a favourite song that you sing? If yes, what i?

At the moment I love playing a song called “Play” as a guitar fan and player it really explains my love affair with the six string devil

we all know as the guitar!!

Swag or room service for a romantic date?

I have slept on many a swag and I never found it romantic! It was always a place to crash out of necessity when drunk or on tour, I think the room service would be good at my age!

Holden, Ford...or something else?

My daily driver is a Hyundai Sant-Fe as we throw lots of crap in it at the farm and its always got a fishing rod in it or a Kayak on top, my weekend cruiser is our old EH Holden (Daphne is her name) of which I have owned 3 before this one, I can fix it and I love the smell of the vinyl and petrol, a great old family member

Favourite Food?

can’t beat a great Steak and veg I reckon (rare please)

Favourite Movie?

tender mercies Robert Duvall love it reminds me of Merle Haggard who I think it was based on.

Favourite Aussie saying?


If you could have a kangaroo, koala, wombat, crocodile, galah or python as a pet which one would you choose, and why?

I reckon a python as they only need a feed every now and then and don’t make too much noise!

Who would you like to trade places with for a day, alive or dead, and why?

God would be very interesting..

If I looked in your fridge right now what would I find?

Left over roast chook, always a half used pasta sauce, good coffee,

and somethings to build a salad with!


 thing you've ever done?

Embark on a career in Music ( mad I know)!!

If you were going on a holiday tomorrow, where would it be?


Four words to describe you…

Laid, Back, Country, Bloke :)

If you'd like to pop by Troy's website, here it is…

Until next week, keep smiling and dreaming

Mandy xoxo

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