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Loretta Hill



Today I am going to share a letter with you all from a fellow author buddy of mine, Loretta Hill. 

Loretta is a bestselling author, a woman gifted in making you laugh until your cheeks ache, and a super-mum of four children under 5! Yes, four of them, and under 5!!! How she finds time to brush her hair, shower and even eat is beyond me, and on top of all this how in the heck does she find find time to write such brilliant novels? 

Loretta, your superhero cape is in the mail...because your old one has probably got food, ink and "OMG...what is that?" stains all over it :) 



Dear Mandy, 

Thanks for having me on your blog today to talk about my latest release, “One Little White Lie.” This romantic comedy novella is a little different to my other rural romance stories.  Unlike “The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots” and “The Girl in the Hard Hat” which are both set in the Pilbara on a rough and ready engineering site, this little escapade takes place in Sydney and is very cosmopolitan.  

To tell you the truth I’m very excited because this story has been a long time coming. And by that I mean,  eight years.  I first started writing this book back in 2005. But it wasn’t working.  The story just seemed to lose it’s guts in the middle and I just couldn’t seem to fix it no matter how hard I tried. In the end I just gave up and put the book aside.

Last year, when my agent told me about Random Romance, the new digital first romance line RHA planned on launching in February my first thought was, “Nah, I just don’t have time for this. I’m having a baby!” And I did by the way. He’s six months now and as round as a ball - no neck, his head just kind of sits on top of his chubby little shoulders .  But I’ve drifted from the point. My fear was, to start another novel from scratch and have it ready before Feb was just too much for me. 

Then I remembered about that novel I had written all those years ago. On a whim, I got it out and could immediately see what was wrong with it. It was too long!  The reason the middle of the book sagged was because it didn’t need it.  If I just cut that and stitched the beginning to the end, I might have a great, pacey read. It’s amazing what a fresh set of eyes can do. So I sent a note back to my agent saying that I might have a novella, I could submit. 

She pitched the idea to Random and that’s how “One Little White Lie” finally got it’s day. So what’s this book about?

Kate Dreson has an over eager, over helpful, matching making best friend who won’t stop setting up her up with every Tom, Dick and Harry.  Lisa thinks that getting Kate a new man will help her get over ex and put a swing back in her step.  But her campaign is driving Kate crazy. So to halt the madness she tells Lisa that she’s met someone. 

In walks gorgeous, fun loving Henry, who takes full advantage of Kate’s one little white lie by turning it into red blooded reality.  Trapped by her own fib, Kate is powerless to stop him. But as she launches into her own mission to discover what he’s really up to, she can’t helping wishing that her fake boyfriend wasn’t fake at all. 

Here’s hoping my readers get a kick out of this one.

Loretta xo

It's been fabulous reading about your newest addition to the shelves, Loretta. One Little White Lie sounds fabulous. I cant wait to read it!

If you'd like to discover more about Loretta please pop over to her website...

I'll be back with my Country Music Artists blog tomorrow and I'm very excited to announce I will be chatting to the one and only Jasmine Rae! So watch this space! :)

Until then, Keep smiling and dreaming,

Mandy xoxo

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