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Keeping positive.




 I Hope your week has been full of fun, laughter, family and friends.



Well, this week, I thought I would talk about staying positive in times of world upheaval. There have been floods, cyclones, fires, riots and now the tragic earthquake in New Zealand.

mother and daughter


If you are anything like me, your heart would break for all those people who are affected. I normally find myself crying as I watch the horrific images on TV, wishing I could just reach through the telly and give them all a hug. It is a time where we tend to pull those we love close to us and cherish what we have as we grieve for the people who have been affected by these tragedies. Be it by losing their home, business or even devastatingly so, a loved one. In these times it is easy to fall into the emotion of it all and begin to feel negative and fearful of what Mother Nature is going to do next.


So, a great thing to do on a daily basis is this. Every time you have a negative thought, turn it into a positive. Even in times of despair, there can be hope found when you look for it. Some of you will be surprised how many negative thoughts we have in a day. Even down to ‘Oh, I’m so sick of picking up after everyone around here!’ Instead you could think ‘I know they make a mess, but I’m so glad I have a beautiful family who I love and they love me.’


Go on, give it a go. You will be amazed by how positive you feel at the end of the day.



Quote for this week

“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest paid jobs you will ever have, since the payment is pure love.”



Until next week, keep dreaming and smiling

Mandy  :-)


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