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First chapter of Jacaranda


Hope you are having a glorious day. It was 10 degrees here in Dimbulah when I woke up this morning...freezing for us Northerners! I know, nothing like the winters down south but our homes aren't built for the cold. Well, that's my excuse anyways! :)

I am thrilled to be sharing the first chapter of Jacaranda with you all today. Only 8 more sleeps until the official 

release date! Although, I have heard there are some stores with Jacaranda already on the shelf...not that I'm complaining about that of course! 

I have also changed my book signing tour. Instead of travelling down the coast I will be flying straight to Brisbane and doing signings around the city and also in places like Toowoomba and Ipswich. It's going to be lovely to meet the readers! I will post the dates up on my website and also on facebook over the next week. 

So, without making you wait any longer, here it is, the first chapter of my second novel, Jacaranda. 

Until next week, keep smiling and dreaming

Mandy :) xx

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