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Silverton Shores
Out October 2nd 2024

Silverton Shores Cover.jpg

Will they get a second chance or will it be goodbye forever? An emotional and heartfelt rural romance from bestselling Australian author Mandy Magro.


Jessica Sabatini had everything she ever wanted until a tragic accident only hours before her wedding sent her world spinning out of control. In a haze of grief, she ran as far from Silverton Shores as she could.

It took her a long time to put the pieces of her world back together, but now she's a devoted mum to her young daughter, Chiara, and adores her job at her grandfather's renowned restaurant, Sabatini's, in Florence. But the secret that's gnawed at her all these years refuses to leave her alone. When her best friend and brother ask her to return for their wedding, Jessica is torn. Has enough time passed so she can find the strength to face the truth? She knows the heart of it lies in Silverton Shores, along with Morgan Savage, the man she once loved so deeply...

When Jess left him behind, Morgan thought he'd never get over her. The only way he could move on was to completely cut her from his life. Until now. He's honoured to be the best man at his best mate's wedding but with Jessica as maid of honour, how is he going to face her?

When the wedding brings them into one another's lives once more, will it be the final chance to lay their broken hearts to rest? Or will it reignite all the passion, as well as reveal the secrets that have stood between them for all these years?


Secrets of Riverside
Out Now

Can their love heal the shadows of their past


After losing her family in a tragic fire when she was a child, Amelia Price has battled to put the shattered pieces of her life back together. Even so, she's never felt like she belongs anywhere, and she longs for stability and love. When a mysterious letter turns up at her apartment with hints that she'll uncover the truth behind what happened all those years ago if she goes to the sleepy, picturesque town of Riverside, she sets off on a journey to tropical Far North Queensland.

Jarrah King owns and runs the Riverside Roadhouse. He loves the simpleness of country living, and the fact it gives him complete anonymity. Over the years he's made a life for himself under a new name, however his past has never stopped haunting him.

When a sassy blonde takes up the new cook position, he can't help but be drawn to her vivacious personality. But he can tell there's also pain hiding underneath her bubbly facade and he longs to erase those shadows. However, lowering his defences to let her in may risk his new identity, as well as everything he holds dear.

Can Amelia show him that love is worth the risk? Or will the secrets of their entwined past tear them apart forever?


Gum Tree Gully
Out Now

Would you give up everything for love?

Samantha Evans may have been born and bred in the country, but over the years she has adapted to, and loves, her big-city life in London. She's reached heights of success in her business that she'd never dreamed of achieving back in Australia. When her best friend's wedding forces her to return to her beautiful Queensland hometown of Gum Tree Gully, fate reminds Sammie about everything, and everyone, she left behind, including her childhood sweetheart, Connor Stone. Now a handsome and kind cattle farmer, he harbours a tragic secret he can't share with anyone. That is, until Sammie comes back to town.

Samantha soon learns her country blood runs much deeper than she allowed herself to believe, so too does the intense feelings she's carried for Connor all these years. But her life is overseas now, while his is in Gum Tree Gully. Living on opposite sides of the world, with oceans and long-held secrets standing between them, is there any hope for their love to prevail?

One More Time
Out now

One split-second choice. A spark of magic. What if your life could be completely different?

Grace Burrows knows her seventieth birthday celebration is going to be an enchanting affair. And she can't wait to immerse herself in an evening surrounded by family and her closest friends, to waltz across the dance floor as she used to and reminisce over shared memories gathered across the decades. But it's also the evening she'll have to finally reveal a secret that she knows will devastate her family - her time left with them is too short to be fair...

Scarred by his war-time experiences and losses, Charlie Wilson knows he's made a lot of mistakes. Too many. But none greater than ruining his marriage to Grace when they were young. Tonight, as they dance, Charlie is determined to tell her he's always loved her. But when old feelings and resentments are drawn to the surface, tempers fray and Charlie and Grace are left on opposite sides of the same old argument.

Fate, however, will give them one last chance to be truthful - and as a touch of magic sparks, everything changes...


Jillaro​o from Jacaranda

Sequel to Jacaranda 

Out Now!

Fall​ing in love was never part of her plan...

What happens when fate sends you just the right person at just the wrong time?

Rose Jones is twenty-two, and has followed in her mother's footsteps working with horses as a champion barrel racer. Hard on the heels of being dumped by her fiance comes Rose's determination to chart her own path in life from now on. But meeting handsome bull rider Ty Parker wasn't part of the plan.

After bonding at the Joneses' family Christmas, Rose accepts Ty's offer of a quaint country cottage on his outback station as a bolthole to focus on her writing and sorting through her feelings. Here among the beauty of the bush landscape she finds surprising adventure and friendships, but is taking a risk on love worth the gamble of breaking her heart all over again if it all goes wrong?

Bestselling Australian author Mandy Magro returns with a standalone rural romance set in the world of Mandy's novel Jacaranda.


Back to the Country 

Country singer Indigo Nash has it all, except love...

At the height of her musical career, Indigo should be nothing but happy. But Indi is disillusioned with show business, finding herself depressed and lonely. When she reaches breaking point, a simple life back in the country begins to beckon her. But the demons left lingering in the shadows from a childhood trauma follow her, and reoccurring nightmares of that fateful night plague her... Can she unearth the truth of her family's deep dark secrets?

For two years Harley Knight has travelled the world with Indi as her bodyguard. She's a stubborn woman who drives him nuts, but also, in her vulnerable moments, shows him a side of herself he secretly loves and always has since they were teenagers. When she hits rock bottom, he convinces her to return with him back to their hometown of Kuranda and stay at his property, where Harley hopes the peaceful landscape will give her the time and space she needs to heal.

With these precious few weeks, can he show her what she's missing by constantly running away, or is it time to let her go? 


Road to Rosalee

Will the heartland of the outback bring her

the healing - and love - she ​longs for?​

Return to Rosalee Station with bestselling Australian author Mandy Magro's touching story of a search for belonging, love and healing.

City girl Melody Harrison finds herself questioning everything in the wake of her mother's deathbed confession of a long-held secret - a secret that drives her far into the outback, to the wide-open skies of Rosalee Station...

Matt and Sarah Walsh have finally reached a time in their lives where they are at peace, but their happiness is again thrown into turmoil when Matt answers the door to a young woman with shocking news. But what is the truth? Only by offering her sanct​uary at Rosalee Station will they find space to come to grips with each other.

Long ago accepting he's never going to fit in with his wealthy family, Zai Wellstone has finally landed his dream job as head stockman at Rosalee Station. It's here he crosses paths with the most intriguing woman he's ever met, Melody, the new camp cook. Sparks fly between them from their first encounter, but will the secrets she's keeping stand in their way?

Rosalee Station is the place where love is found and family ties mean more than anything - will its magic once again show a heartbroken young woman her way forward, to the healing and connection she craves?


Savannah's Secret

Starting over was never going to be easy, especially as he's looking for the one thing she can't give ... the truth.

Savannah Garret remains resolute in testifying as the sole eyewitness in Brisbane's most dangerous criminal case. For safety, the police have furnished her with a new identity and instructions to keep to herself. With a shiny new driver's licence in hand and job as a barmaid lined up, this die-hard city girl finds herself stepping off a bus and into the desolate street of the small country town she's now to call home.

Ash Sullivan has it all, money at his fingertips, his own property, and a successful chopper mustering business. But when it comes to love, he's failed miserably. Bitter experience has taught him that if he is ever lucky enough to meet a special woman he can fall for again, she has to be upfront from the get-go, no matter what.

These are two people, as different as chalk and cheese, who were never meant to meet until fate intervened. Will they grow to be the person each other needs? Or will their differences drive them apart?


​Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is, but will his secret

change everything? 

Sienna Lewis knows firsthand about being an Aussie Battler, but she has her beautiful daughter, Zara, to keep fighting for. One day she dreams of giving Zara the life and family she deserves. For now, Sienna can only focus on her work at the hospital. But when she connects with a new patient who has driven away nearly everyone in his life, she is astounded when he leaves her his sprawling Far-North Queensland property.

Mason King has worked tirelessly to follow in the footsteps of his beloved cattlemen neighbour, Max, by raising ethically farmed cattle - despite the stream of disapproval from his old-fashioned father. Little does he know that Max, having seen sparks fly between Mason and Sienna, has set up his own plan to bring Sienna to town

As new neighbours, Mason and Sienna discover they cherish similar things in life and are drawn to each other. Although, there's a secret between them that could ruin everything... When all seems lost, will fate then have another twist in store for them?


The Stockman's Secret

Can he make things right between them?

In the small town of Little Heart, Juliette Kerr and Joel Hunter are drawn together by their shared experience being targeted by school bullies. But when the bullying takes a drastic turn, Juliette can see no other way to protect Joel from the aftermath than to break his heart and make him leave her behind. Devastated and confused, Joel packs his bags, heading far away in the heart of the outback to jackaroo at Rosalee Station for as long as it takes to heal his heart.

A decade later, Joel returns to mend fences with his family and to offer Juliette support. He's no longer the hot-tempered young man who left, but he's never stopped loving her. Is it finally time to make things right between them? Will theses two lovers find a way to make peace with the past and regain their future together


Riverstone Ridge

An authentic and heartfelt story about uncovering who you truly are, and where you belong...

After making a mistake that felt like the end of the world to her teenage self, Nina Jones fled the small town of Huntingvale. Now sixteen years later her beloved adopted mother, Bea, has passed away, forcing Nina to return and decide whether to sell her family home, Riverstone Ridge. But even though Bea can't be there to help her through it all, she's left Nina 5 letters, one sent each week, to finally share the secrets she'd been unable to reveal in life.

For Logan Steele, Nina's return is the catalyst he's needed to finally move beyond his tragic past and start living again. But only if she stays. When mysterious and increasingly worrisome accidents start happening around the homestead, both Logan's cop instincts and his protective feelings toward Nina spur him to investigate. Will he be able to piece together the puzzle of the past in time?

And with dark family secrets emerging from Bea's last words rippling into the present day, how will Nina find courage to be truthful to the one man who has always held her heart?


Secrets of Silvergum

Can dark family secrets ever truly be buried...

When a horrible twist of fate leaves teenage friends Emma Kensington and Zane Wolfe reeling in the wake of a fatal accident, the two are driven apart for decades.

As a professional bull rider in America for the past sixteen years, Zane has stayed a sensible distance from the one woman he's always loved but could never have - Emma, his childhood friend, and his brother's wife. But a phone call revealing his stepfather's sudden death means keeping half a world between them is no longer an option. Returning to Silvergum, how will he keep his long-held feelings under control?

For Emma, along with the death of her father-in-law, Peter, is the shadow of the secrets he'd been blackmailing her with. She's finally free to tell the truth to the man she's covertly loved from afar all this time. But Peter's hand stretches beyond the gave, and all too soon Emma discovers she's not the only one who has been keeping secrets. And to make peace with her past, she could very likely lose everything she loves most...


Return to Rosalee Station

The long awaited sequel to Rosalee Station!!

Matt and Sarah are back...

Can they find the path to forgiveness and healing, or will grief tear them apart forever?

After eight years of marriage, Sarah Walsh had thought she and Matt would be together forever. But when a fatal accident serves up the cruelest punishment any mother could face, their relationship falters. Sarah is helpless as Matt flies off the rails - she braves one last-ditch attempt to try and make him see they need to work together to get through the heartache. But will it be enough? And what about her - how does she go on alone?

Reeling from devastation and guilt, Matt gets the wakeup call he needs to save his marriage before it's too late. But the way forward is littered with obstacles, and he can see it's only by returning to the outback beauty and isolation of Rosalee Station that he has any chance to reclaim the man he once was. But will the separation end up costing him everything?


A Country Mile

Secrets tore them apart, but will the truth give them a

second chance at love? 

When her love life turns sour, a trip to her home town in Far North Queensland for her cousin's wedding is the perfect time for Sophie Copinni to take stock of her future. There, two weeks before she turns thirty, she finds a bucket list from her teenage years of ten things to do before that birthday. It can only be a sign from the universe. Most of the challenges are fun, although one thing on the list scares the hell out of her: she is to reveal a long-held family secret — the very reason she ran away without an explanation eight years ago; away from the love of her life, and the shores of Australia.

A road trip home for the wedding is Dylan Stone's chance to escape the shady operations he has uncovered at the Sydney tattoo parlour he runs. Back in Shorefield, surrounded by the landscape and loved ones that he's missed so fiercely, Dylan starts to realise that maybe it's time to make his homecoming permanent. But there is still the unresolved matter of Sophie — the only woman he's ever truly loved, the same woman who broke his heart and skipped town so long ago

Dylan and Sophie try to keep their distance, but cannot deny the intense chemistry between them, and the undying love for one another that both have buried deep in their hearts. But if Sophie tackles the scariest challenge on her list, will it push Dylan away forever? And will her family ever be the same again?


Moment of Truth

The past she can't remember just won't let her go...

Alexis Brown was thrirteen when her parents were killed, but her memory of anything that happened that night was lost when she hit her head. The police labelled it a murder-suicide, but Alexis has grown up believing her loving father could never have killed her mother. So when, seventeen years later, Alexis receives an anonymous note telling her the police were wrong and her parents were both murdered she's determined to return to Blue Ridge to find out the truth.

Inheriting his grandfather's horse training farm after Charlie is diagnosed with dementia, Ethan King faces hard work to resuscitate the failing Diamond Acres. The farm has been in decline since the violent acts at the cottage created such a scandal.

When Alexis arrives at the newly renovated cottage, hoping to awaken her lost memories, she can't help but notice how strong and handsome her childhood friend has become. But she's not here for love, as soon as the truth is uncovered she has to return to her life, and falling for Ethan would only leave her with a broken heart.

For Ethan, getting to know the resilient woman that Alexis has blossomed into leaves his world upside down. But as they spend the days together and with their mutual love for horses, it doesn't take long for Alexis and Ethan to discover their friendship is much more than they'd first thought... But will it all be threatened by a shocking secret from all those years ago?


The Billionaire Cattle Baron

❤️By Jo-Ann - TOP 500 REVIEWER

"If you like hot sexy reading you're going to love Blake and Sasha's story. Hubba hubba hubba, couldn't put it down,

didn't want it to end." 

Blake Wellstone is a cowboy through and through, his wealth and stays obtained from years of hard work on his cattle stations spread out across Australia. But this farmer isn't looking for a wife - his first love ended in tragedy, and he will never put his heart on the life again. The land is his love, and he's happy that way.

Sasha Hepworth has goals and ambitions and she has worked very hard for her success. She's just forgotten how to enjoy herself. So, a weekend fling with a gorgeous cowboy is just what she needs - after all, it can't go any further. She;d never leave the conviencince and the beauty of the city for a dusty outback town.

But it turns out that a weekend of fine dining and spectacular sights isn't enough for Blake and Saha, and the growing feelings that neither of them can deny make them question everything about their lives. When a city girl meet a country guy, will they be able to find middle ground?


Along Country Roads

Can love ever be enough to heal two damaged souls?

On the run from her troubled past in a stolen four-wheel drive, Matilda Denver seeks the sanctuary of sleepy Moonstone Valley where she hopes to heal and make a fresh start. But her plans go awry when the vehicle breaks down and she's stranded at the side of a deserted country road.

Ryan Hunter, after working himself into the ground at his interstate truck-driving job since his sister's death, is making his last run before a well-earned month off. On the last stretch home, he happens across a beautiful woman and scraggy dog hitchhiking. It's not long before he connects Matilda's bruises to her past and what she's on the run from. He instinctively wants to protect Matilda and offers her a place to stay at Heartsong Hills.

Although both battling their own demons, they start to discover how much they have in common – and soon they're also battling the strong desire to fall hard for one another. But when Ryan tries to help by organising for the four-wheel drive to be fixed, he unwittingly gives away Matilda's location and her life may be on the line. Can Ryan find her before it's too late?


Walking the Line

Can this bull rider win the championship...

and her heart?

Country-loving Dallas Armstrong is a hard-as-nails bull rider, who dreams of becoming Australian champion, just like his father, Mick, was. But when he discovers a shocking secret about his father on the same day Mick dies in a car accident, Dallas’s world is turned upside down. Now it’s up to him to protect his mother from the truth, and to keep the family farm Rollingstone Ridge afloat. And he will do everything in his power to do so.

Charlize Dawson is a successful city journalist whose marriage is in tatters. Begrudgingly sent to the country to write about Dallas, she is surprised to find that he isn’t the arrogant cowboy she’d assumed he’d be. Instead she and Dallas and share an intense chemistry and deep connection that lead to a stolen kiss at the Rodeo Ball.

But when Charlize’s research for her article puts her on the path of uncovering Dallas’s secret, he demands she stop or lose him forever. Dallas or her career, which should she choose? How can she turn her back on the people who have welcomed her into their lives with open arms, all in the name of her job? Her career is all she has left, and she has worked so very hard to be where she is. But how can she reveal what she knows, if it means losing the love of her life?


Bluegrass Bend

'A compelling romance that speaks to the heart

of the Australian country.'

-The Sunny Cowgirls

0216 Bluegrass Bend FC

Ivy Tucker was a gifted musician with big dreams but the night she was viciously attacked took all that away from her. Without the intervention of a mystery man she would have been killed. She has no idea what her protector looks like and though she wrote to him, he never responded. She can’t blame him wanting to forget the past, she feels the same. To survive, she focuses on the healing work she does alongside her aunts at Healing Hills –working with horses to help people rebuild their shattered lives. But her home, her life and her business are under threat

Ronny Sinclair is finally free after eight years in prison. He regrets ending a life, but in the heat of the moment it was the only way to save another. The young woman he protected was worth every second he spent locked up, and her face and angelic voice are etched in his heart and mind forever. A bittersweet twist of fate gives him a new start in her hometown, Bluegrass Bend. Would she recognise him? Could she, after the terrible state she’d been left in?

Fate intervenes, pushing Ronny and Ivy together at a fundraising event. When Ivy needs Ronny to help her save Healing Hills, he knows he should keep his past hidden, that he should stay away from her, but their love of the country, horses and music brings Ivy and Ronny closer –- dangerously so. As feelings build their fragile trust is threatened by Ronny’s secret. Will his determination to leave the past behind him cost them their chance at love?


The Wildwood Sisters

Ten years ago she lost all that she loved.

But now she's coming home...

Wildwood Sisters Cover

The past Renee Wildwood once ran from still haunts her...

Ten years ago, Renee's twin sister Scarlet went missing. In the

threatening aftermath, seventeen-year-old Renee was forced out of

her home at Wildwood Acres, leaving her family and her boyfriend

behind. Although the case has long gone cold, every day Renee hopes

the person responsible will be found. She has since made a new life for herself in the city but fate intervenes when a family emergency forces

her to face up to her fears and her painful memories. But can she go

back to Wildwood Acres, the one place her heart yearns to be but

where her life may be in grave danger?

Dylan Anderson has never quite got over the loss of his first love,

Renee Wildwood, who left him without a word. He's now a single

father trying to make it on his own after the tragic death of his wife,

and his cattle property is struggling financially. Against all odds

he's taking steps to get his life back on track, starting

with a new job. But how will he feel when he finds Renee, the girl who

stole his heart, is back at Wildwood Acres? Will he ever be able to

forgive her?




'A timeless tale of love and war brought to vivid life from

war-torn Afghanistan to country Australia.'

TONY PARK - Bestselling Australian Autho

0914 CountryHeart FINAL


The official Book Video Trailer by Trailermade Production for popular Australian Rural Romance Author, Mandy Magro's September 2014 release.About the Book:A wounded soldier and a free spirit, ...

A wounded soldier and a free spirit, both determined to follow their dreams - can their love survive?

The Army, protecting the country he loves, and his dearly beloved explosive detection dog Indy are Dean's life - he can't imagine doing anything else. But life has other plans for Dean when he and Indy are wounded in action in Afghanistan and are sent home to his family's

seaside horse property, Whispering Meadows, to heal.

Free-spirited Summer has agreed to spend one last holiday with her parents at their luxurious vacation home, despite her father's resistance to her plans for her career. But events take an unexpected turn when Summer and Dean meet and discover that love at first sight truly exists.

But can they overcome the very real challenges of coming from different sides of the tracks? And when Summer has to face the unpleasant truth about an old friend, as well as come to terms with the after-effects of a bewildering assault, she has to make a heartbreaking decision

about their relationship.

Can Dean's love ultimately sway her?



Driftwood 3

Driftwood by Mandy Magro

The 4th novel by Australian Rural Romance Author, Mandy Magro. Published by Harlequin Australia.When the bushranger heritage of a family explodes into modern day, buried secrets are unearthed...wi...

When the bushranger heritage of a family explodes into modern day, buried secrets are unearthed...with lasting consequences.

To Taylor Whitworth, knowing that she’ll never meet her biological father is devastating. All she knows is that before he died, he was a stockman. Taylor yearns to be like her father — and to become a jillaroo. So she packs her bags and hits the road, destination unknown, until she happens upon the country township of Driftwood.

Life-burdened Jay Donnellson is a cowboy through and through. Both his passion for the outback and bad boy image have been inherited from his forefathers. The whole town whispers about him but Jay doesn’t care...until his rough and tumble lifestyle is stopped dead in its tracks when he happens across Taylor on a deserted country road.

When Jay offers Taylor a job as a jillaroo on his cattle station, their mutual love of horses helps to form a bond between them. It’s not long before they find their wonderful friendship developing into something more.



"A lyrical and heart-warming testament to the power of love

– and forgiveness."

Flame Tree Hill by Mandy Magro

The third rural romance novel by bestselling author, Mandy Magro

Flame Tree Hill Cover

Kirsty Mitchell is ready to come home. After a tragic accident that left her scarred, she fled overseas. Now, three years later, she's finally returning to Flame Tree Hill, her beloved family farm.

But at twenty-five Kirsty isn't prepared for the terrifying new challenge ahead: breast cancer. Kirsty's never been a quitter and that's not about to change. But can her budding romance with local vet Aden bear the strain?

As she battles with chemotherapy and as her past threatens to overwhelm her, Kirsty realises you can never take anything – or anyone – for granted. Drawing strength from her family and the beauty of Far North Queensland, Kirsty finally understands what she must do.



"From the author of Rosalee Station, this lively and passionate love

story bursts with the colour and feel of Tropical North Queensland."

Jacaranda by Mandy Magro.wmv

Jacaranda by Mandy Magro

At nineteen, Molly Jones has the world at her feet. Then one drunken night she falls into bed with Mark, a cowboy just passing through. By the time Molly realises she is pregnant, Mark is long gone.

Now, at twenty-six, Molly’s life is almost perfect. She’s the devoted mother of Rose, and a renowned horse trainer. She lives amid the beauty of Jacaranda Farm, surrounded by family and friends – none closer than hunky stockman Heath. But she’s still looking for the love of her life, and a father for Rose.

When Mark stumbles back into her world, as charming as ever, Molly begins to hope for a future she’d long ago relinquished. But how will Mark react when he learns he’s a father? And could the man of Molly’s dreams be closer to home than she thinks?




"So good I could almost feel the red dust against my skin"

Fiona Palmer

Rosalee trailer 0002

Book trailer for Rosalee Station

Rosalee Station by Mandy Magro

Sarah Clarke’s dream is to experience life in the real outback. When her boyfriend Brad offers her a job with him on Rosalee Station, she can’t believe her luck.

But within days of arriving, her relationship is in tatters, and the dream is fast losing its lustre.

Sarah stays on to prove herself in the unforgiving land, earning the admiration of Matt, the station owners’ son. Beneath the wide outback skies, the pair are irresistibly drawn to each other, until a stolen kiss leads to disaster.

Sarah leaves Rosalee, convinced she’ll never see Matt again-but fate has a way of intervening….

From the thrill of mustering cattle to the wild adrenaline of a country rodeo, this passionate love story takes you to the very heart of the Australian outback.

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