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Snippet of 2nd chapter-Rosalee Station





Hope your week has been full of memorable moments, laughter and fun.


Rosalee Station cover. A beautiful story set in the Australian Outback.


Today I thought I would give you all a little snippet of the second chapter of Rosalee Station. I know it’s a bit of a tease but I hope you enjoy it, only 9 ½ weeks until the release but who’s counting…..Me…LOL!



Chapter 2



Sarah woke to the reverberation of chopper blades slicing

their way through the humid morning air. It was the best sound

in the world to her – it meant Brad was here. He had his spot

down in the spare paddock, where he parked the beast whenever

he came to see her.

She quickly threw on her jeans and favourite old singlet and

ran down the stairs, jumping over Harry on the way, and out the

back door. Duke ran behind her barking, caught up in Sarah’s

exhilaration. He was an eager beaver whenever there was action

and adventure to be shared.

Sarah raced to the four-wheeler motorbike and Duke jumped

up on the seat behind her. She raced off down to the paddock,

wiping the sleep out of her eyes on the way down. In her haste

to get out the door she had forgotten to put a bra on, and bouncing

along the dirt road with ample boobs was quite painful. She

placed her hand over the top of them to curb their crazy romp

beneath her thin singlet.

By the time she arrived, Brad had stepped down from the

chopper, looking handsome as always. He was by no means tall, but his frame was well proportioned with muscles in all

the right places from the physical work he did. From under

the rim of his Akubra, his blue eyes looked cheekily at Sarah.

His Bluedog jeans hugged snugly to his hips and his Wrangler

shirt was missing the top two buttons, showing off his broad,

tanned chest. He smiled as he walked slowly towards her. She

ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing

him smack on the lips. He melted into her, his muscular arms

folding around her waist, and kissed her back.

When they finally pulled apart, Brad picked her up in a huge

bear hug and spun her around. ‘Gee, I’ve missed you, my sexy

lady. Happy birthday.’

‘Thanks, babe. I’ve missed you too. It means so much that

you’ve come back for my birthday.’ Sarah gazed into Brad’s eyes

before smiling mischievously. ‘Now what was it you needed to

tell me about? It is killing me not knowing!’

Brad winked at her. ‘Sorry, babe, you’ll just have to wonder

a little bit longer. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?’

He smiled enigmatically and gave Sarah another kiss.



Thought for the day


Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide to forever have your heart go walking around outside your body.


Until next week, keep smiling and dreaming!


Mandy :-)




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