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Rosalee Station, more lovely reviews.




It's absolutely freezing here in Dimbulah with the deep mist lusciously shrouding the fruit trees and our little cottage every morning. It's such a stunning view to wake up to every day…gotta love living in the country!



I have finally seen Rosalee Station in a book store, (well, several book stores as I cannot walk past one without peeking in to see if it is there...LOL!!) and almost passed out from the sheer excitement of it all. How proud I felt to see my little baby sitting amongst authors books that I have admired for years. It’s magnificent!



It touches my heart to receive emails from people who have taken the time out of their busy days to let me know how much they have loved Rosalee Station, that's why I'd also love to share their lovely emails with you.




"Hi Mandy, finished reading your book on Tuesday. Had to tell you I really loved it! The way you described things made you really feel as though you were right there with them and I loved the storyline. Hope you have another one coming out soon! Bec”



"Just finished your book in just two days, I couldn't put it down it was so amazing. I loved every page! Danielle"



“Hi Mandy. Just finished reading your book. Great story and keep up the good work for the next book. A great insight to outback Australia. Regards Jaine”



 I finished a whole book – hasn’t happened for a couple of years, since I picked up The Call of The High Country and the sequel (great read that too!)! I have to confess to having quite a few started… L A bad habit of mine. And guess what book it was??!! Yep, Rosalee Station! Thank you Mandy, it was wonderful, it stirred a lot of my own memories, I shed a few tears and you had me laughing out loud too. As I read more and more of the story, that feeling (like a tightening in the chest??) had me reading until I knew that everything was going to turn out ok. Grahame and I spent a bit of time in the territory (when we were much younger…), not on a station but in and around Tennant Creek – your story and how well you described the feeling of outback Australia, left me wanting to go back, that vast array of nothingness (but really full of everything) that has such a special appeal… I had forgotten how it felt. I want my kids to be able to take a deep breath and enjoy it too. Thanks for bringing back some very pleasant memories. Last night, you had me contemplating selling everything, loading the kids and horses and just GOING! Now its morning, I’m not feeling quite so inspired to do just that, but more sensibly planning our next family holiday, extending our Beef Australia/Rockhampton trip next year to maybe a lengthier trip around Northern Australia… catching up with friends and making new ones too.

Sal Edwards, Downunder Magazine”



I hope for all of you that have read Rosalee Station it has made you feel so very proud to live in such a beautiful country with the magical outback at our doorsteps. For the ones of you yet to read Rosalee station I would love to hear your thoughts once you have finished, and lastly, for those of you that have not grabbed a copy…stop what you are doing right this second and run out and grab one! LOL!!!



Thought for this week

“Good cowgirls keep their calves together”



I won't be back blogging until the 29th of June as I am taking time out for my wedding which is on the 25th of June. I cannot wait to be a bride for the day!


So until then, keep smiling and dreaming


Mandy :-)






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