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Reading helps you to sleep!



I know it's been 2 weeks since my last blog but I have a very good excuse! I've been editing my next book, Jacaranda. I will continue to keep my blog at fortnightly intervals, for now, as I am trying to devote as much time to making Jacaranda the best it can be. My readers only deserve the best!


 Reading is one of the most popular relaxation activities to do of an evening. After a long day at work, looking after kids or completing a list of errands a mile long most people are wound up and an effective way to wind down is by reading. It is said to shut off the part of the brain that relentlessly goes over all the things you've done for the day and all the things you should be doing tomorrow, allowing your mind to be taken away with the story so you're then ready to drift off to a blissful nights sleep. 




But, make sure you pick up a book that you would class as an easy read and that you are disciplined enough to put it down, even if you are dying to find out what happens in the end. Remember, there is always tomorrow night, or your lunch break, to continue on with the story.


Reading has many relaxing properties on the mind and body which is proven to induce sleep. So I reckon this is a fantastic reason to pick up a good book, dive into your cozy bed and get reading! It is such an enjoyable pass time.



Thought for this week

"Why not go out on a limb? For that is where the fruit is!"


Be back in 2 weeks!

So until then, keep smiling and dreaming!


Mandy :-)

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