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Karly Lane

Karly Lane's book, North Star. Great for rural fiction lovers.


Today I have Karly Lane , a fellow rural writer, here to answer a few questions about herself and her new book, North Star. Thanks Karly for being my guest blogger today.  


Being a mother to 4 children and also having a part time job, how do you find time for writing?


For a long time I didn't, and then I just realized that like anything-if you don't do it, you never get any good at it. So I just made time. I write in ten minute snatches if I have to, but it's getting a bit easier now most of the kids are older.



How did you feel when you first were published?


Amazing. Really amazing!! I think I was in shock for a long time, I spent so long thinking about 'when' I got published, that once it really happened I thought I was still dreaming!



Can you tell us a little bit about North Star, which is being released in April?


North Star is the story of a woman who returns to her home town to face the ghosts of her past. It's also a book that deals with lots of different relationships and how Kate, the main character deals with them. There's a relationship with John, the hunky town cop, the relationship between her teenage daughter and her young son, the relationship between her grandparents, and also an important one between herself and her childhood friend Jenny. There's a little bit of everything in this one, suspense, romance and drama.



What time of the day, or night, do you like to write and do you have a favourite place in the house to do so?


When I sold my first book, I decided I needed something a little more permanent than the end of the dining room table, so I made a little office space in the centre of my lounge room. I call it central command! I have complete control over the entire house from my desk- so the kids can't get away with much at all!



You have very raunchy sex scenes in your books. Do you find these difficult to write?


I have to admit the scenes weren't quite as raunchy on the first draft, in my earlier books. I can remember my first editor actually said to me- you can't just leave the scene there and the readers hanging!! and it took a few more attempts before she was happy! I have discovered, however, that it depends on the publishing house, because I thought I had the hang of writing a love scene, but in North Star they cut most of it out! So it depends on who publishes your book as to how much sex they want…apparently!



What advice would you give a writer who is trying to make it into the publishing world?


Don't give up! I know it would be great if there was a magic formula or something I could pass on, but the truth is- it's such a fickle business You have to be in the right place at the right moment and have your story in front of the right editor…and for that to happen- you just have to keep at it.



Who is one of your favourite Australians?


I used to think he was a bit of a dill, but Steve Irwin put Australia well and truly on the map- and I have to say before he died, if you met an American- the first thing they would ask is- Do you know that Steve Irwin guy?! He kind of grew on me and it was horrible that he died so young, with so much more to do in life.



What is your favourite Aussie saying?


Flat out like a lizard drinkin!



Do you have a favourite author, if so, what attracts you to their writing?


I love Bronwyn Parry, and Helene Young, both of who I've only recently discovered in the last few years. My first love is romantic suspense, and because they write brilliant rom/sus set in Australia- it just ticks all the boxes for me!



What is your favourite food?


I can't go past a baked dinner.



Where in the world would be your favourite holiday destination and why?


I've always wanted to go to Las Vegas- they have frozen Margaritas in glasses the size of buckets!!! I think all the different themed casinos would be amazing to go and see.



What is your favourite way to relax after a hard days writing?


A nice hot bath- cures anything!



Thanks Karly, for chatting with me today. I can't wait to read North Star!



Thought for today

"Success requires three bones-wishbone, backbone and funny bone."

Until next week, keep smiling and dreaming

Mandy :-)

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