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A Day on the Farm

Welcome everyone! :-)


Today is my very first blog. Yeah! I have just won the battle of developing my very own website, by myself!, and I must say I am quite chuffed at how well it turned out. There were a few moments where I wanted to bang my head against the screen for lack of computer knowledge but somehow I waided through the unkown and emerged a computer nerd, well nearly!


It's smack bang in the middle of picking season for us here on the farm and I have put two photos on this blog. One of my brother-in-law in the back of the farm truck with all the crates of longans. This fruit will then be driven to my Dad's farm in Mareeba to be packed and shipped off down south for the fruit markets. This is a day at the office in the outback. The other is of our Longan trees. A few more months and this will all be picked.


I will include a weekly thought when I do my blogs. This week's is

"Don't squat with spurs on!"


Hope you are all well and enjoying your day to the full


Keep smiling and dreaming




A row of Longan trees.
Our office in the outback.
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