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Buy Australian Made and Owned

Hope you have all had a fantastic couple of weeks. I have been busy editing my second novel, Jacaranda, and continuing on with writing my third, Melaleuca. Life is never boring around here! I love it! :)
This week I would really like to touch base on a topic that is very close to my heart, buying Australian owned and made products. Being a farmer it is especially sad when I look at canned or frozen products and the contents are not from our gloriously fertile land. What is the government thinking?

Why I love the Aussie outback!

Winter is on the way and up here in North Queensland it is a glorious time of the year! So pull out the jumpers,dust off the soup cookbook and find yourself a cosy warm place to read, why not, you deserve it!
Today I would like to explain to you why I love the country with all my heat and soul, so here goes. :-)
Australian OutbackThe sun rises magnificently from behind the lush mountain tops, sending the sky gorgeous hues of gold, orange and red. The wide open spaces sprawl out before me, the sunlight dancing across the ground as if in celebration of the new day.

Wild and wonderful fruits.

G'day! Hope you have all had a wonderful week.
There has been such an amazing response to my website and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you lovely people out there who have helped me out by spreading the word about Rosalee Station's imminent arrival. I have really enjoyed reading all the inspiring emails from people who are excited to get their hands on a copy of Rosalee Station in May.....good on yas!
Monstera deliciosa 2In the tropics I am lucky enough to be able to grow an abundant amount of fruit and vegetables in the gardens which surround our corrugated iron house.

A Day on the Farm

Welcome everyone! :-)
Today is my very first blog. Yeah! I have just won the battle of developing my very own website, by myself!, and I must say I am quite chuffed at how well it turned out. There were a few moments where I wanted to bang my head against the screen for lack of computer knowledge but somehow I waided through the unkown and emerged a computer nerd, well nearly!
It's smack bang in the middle of picking season for us here on the farm and I have put two photos on this blog.
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