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Awesome Aussie Authors

Fiona Palmer, Awesome Aussie Author.

G’day! :)
I’m super excited to announce our Awesome Aussie Author this week, the fabulousFionaPalmer. Fiona is a fellow rural Penguin author and her first novel, The Family Farm, was the inspiration behind me putting pen to paper. She has been there for me 110% and is one of the most genuine and down to earth writers I have had the pleasure of making friends with. Her camaraderie towards fellow authors is one to be moved by and she highly deserves her bestseller status.

Tony Park, Awesome Aussie Author

Welcome to Awesome Aussie Authors and this week I’m thrilled to be speaking with the extremely talented and all round wonderful bloke,Tony Park. The alluring untamed magic of Africa features strongly in Tony’s books and he captures the very essence with vigour, gripping you to the pages of his bestselling novels until the very last page. Tony spends most of his time in Africa with his wife, his office consisting of a camp chair parked up in the shade whilst the views encompass the local wildlife-elephants, cheetahs and rhinos.

Margareta Osborn, Awesome Aussie Author.

 Our Awesome Aussie Author for this week is the bona fide country girl,Margareta Osborn. I am eagerly awaiting Margareta’s debut novel, Bella’s Run, which is hitting the shelves as we speak in book shops all over Australia. Margareta writes Australian rural fiction that is steeped in love for life on the land and the reviews are speaking very highly of her ability to tell a beautiful heartfelt country story. Even Sara Storer has praised Bella’s Run! I’m mighty mpressed!  

Fleur McDonald, Awesome Aussie Author

I am thrilled to welcome our Awesome Aussie Author for this week,Fleur McDonald. Fleur writes enthralling rural mysteries that are steeped in the beauty of the Australian countryside, her characters three dimensional and authentic. Her next book,Purple Roads, assures to be another bestseller and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. It will hit the shelves on April 2nd.
Welcome, Fleur. It’s wonderful to have you here today.
Where were you born, raised, schooled and what was the most mischievous thing you did when you were a child?

Ally Blake, Awesome Aussie Author.

 Our Awesome Aussie Author today is the highly spirited
Ally Blake, bestselling author of fun, fresh, flirty romance novels. In her previous life Ally was at times a cheerleader, a math tutor, a dental assistant, and a shop assistant.  In this life Ally is a best-selling, multi award-winning novelist who has been published in over twenty languages with more than two million books sold world-wide.  When not writing she makes coffees that never get drunk, eats too many M&Ms, attempts yoga, devours The West Wing reruns, reads every spare minute she can, and barracks ardently for the Collingwood Magpies footy team.

Nicole Alexander, Awesome Aussie Author.

Today I am thrilled to haveNicole Alexander, a fellow rural fiction author, here to answer a few questions about herself and her life as a bestselling author and farmer. Her two books,The Bark CuttersandA Changing Landhave pride of place on my book shelf. I admire Nicole’s work as an author. She is extemely gifted in the art of telling captivating Australian stories.
Welcome Nicole and thanks for being my guest today on Awesome Aussie Authors.
Where were you born,raised, schooled?

Jaye Ford, Awesome Aussie Author

I hope life is floating along nicely for you. Can you believe it is February already! Where does the time go?
I have received the first pages of my next novel,Jacaranda, so not long now and it will go to print. So exciting!
This week our AwesomeAussie Author is the fabulousJaye FordI found myself gripped tight within the pages of her last bookBeyond Fearand I’m eagerly awaiting her soon to be releasedScared yet? For those of you that love chilling suspense novels that will keep you up until all hours  of the night Jaye Ford delivers with an almighty punch.

Lisa Heidke, Awesome Aussie Author.

This week our Awesome Aussie Author is the bubbly, side-splittingly funny and extremely gifted, Lisa Heidke. I am a huge fan of Lisa’s books and her most recently released-Stella Makes Goodis next on my list of reads. I can’t wait to be taken away with her characters on their next outrageously fun adventure! 
 Welcome, Lisa, I’m thrilled to have you here today.
Where were you born, raised, schooled and what was the most mischievous thing you did when you were a child?

Helene Young, Awesome Aussie Author

Our Awesome Aussie Author today is the very inspiring and multi-talentedHelene Young.
Helene is a fellow North Queensland author and her third novel,Burning Lies, is being published by Penguin in July. She is constantly reaching out to other authors, encouraging their craft and showing wonderful camaraderie. I have had the pleasure of meeting Helene in person and she is a genuinely warm and wonderful lady.
Welcome, Helene, and thanks for joining us today.

Fiona McCallum, Awesome Aussie Author

Welcome to this week’s Awesome Aussie Author feature and our guest today is the extremely talented rural fiction author,Fiona McCallum.Her first novel,Paycheque, is a brilliant read and I’m a few chapters into her second novel,Nowhere Else, and I must say I’m hooked! I love a good rural read and Fiona McCallum hits the mark with her zesty style of writing and her loveable Australian characters.
Welcome, Fiona, and thanks for joining us today.
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