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Awesome Aussie Authors

Pamela Cook

G'day!  :)

My goodness, it feels like forever since I've done a blog…and it almost is! So much has happened in the past year, which has made it hard to keep up with the fast pace of my life, but I'll save that for another blog. For today, I have the fabulous rural romance author, Pamela Cook, here to talk about her writing and why music plays such a big part in her books.

Hi Pamela, and welcome...

 Hi Mandy
Thanks for having me on your blog. Since finishing my second novel,

Jenn J McLeod, House for all Seasons.

G'day! :)

Today I have a wonderfully talented author with me, and an all round lovely soul, Jenn J McLeod. Jenn's debut novel,House for all Seasons, has now hit the shelves and is flying off them as fast as they can be re-stocked! I must say how envious I am of her gorgeous-to-die-for-grip-your-gaze cover. It's divine! 

Welcome, Jenn, it's so lovely to be chatting to you today...

Thanks for helping me promote my debut novel –House for all Seasons, Mandy. 

Having grown up surrounded by music, I’ve enjoyed your country music blog theme a lot.

Fiona Palmer, The Sunburnt Country

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The Sunburnt Country by Fiona Palmer.wmv
Book trailer for The Sunburnt Country. Release day 27th February 2013. 4th book by bestselling author Fiona Palmer. http://www.penguin.com.au/products/9781921901294/sunburnt-country http://www.fiona...

G'day :)

Today I have the wonderful Fiona Palmer with us and she is talking about the inspiration behind her newest novel, The Sunburnt Country.

Loretta Hill

                                                              G'day! :)

Today I am going to share a letter with you all from a fellow author buddy of mine, Loretta Hill.

Venero Armanno, Awesome Aussie Author

                                            G'day! :)

First and foremost I must express my deep sadness with what people are going through in these terrible floods, in both Queensland and New South Wales. It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes to hear of the terrible and devastating loss of life, and also the loss of homes and treasured possessions. My heart goes out to you all.

Katherine Scholes


 I am very excited to announce this weeks Awesome Aussie Author, Katherine Scholes. Katherine is another fabulous Penguin author whom is gifted at writing from the heart, her romance novels leaving you wanting more and hanging out for her next one. She lives an amazing life, visiting countries all over the world for her research. Slightly jealous! And the view from her desk makes me want to move in with her.   

 Welcome, Katherine. I’m thrilled to have you here today. 

Barbara Hannay, Awesome Aussie Author.

G’day! :)

 Welcome to today's Awesome Aussie Author segment where I have the highly successful and all round lovely author, Barbara Hannay, popping in for a chat. I have had the pleasure of meeting Barabra in person at an event last year and she is such a kind and thoughtful lady. Her novels are best described as sparkling, feel good, emotional romances and I can tell you from experience that they keep you gripped to the pages and leave you head-over-heels in love with the leading man.   

Cathryn Hein, Awesome Aussie Author.

G'day! :)

Today is a very special day forallAustralians, Anzac Day. I am so very proud of the men that fought for our country and feel extremely blessed to be living in such a free and agriculturally rich country. It brings tears to my eye each and every time I here the Last Post. Lest we forget.

Welcome to this weeks Awesome Aussie Authors segment and my guest today is the kind-hearted and wonderfully talented Cathryn Hein. Cathryn is a fellow Penguin author who writes from the heart,her stories captivating and her characters three dimensional.

Rachael Johns, Awesome Aussie Author.

G’day! :)

This week my Awesome Aussie Author guest is the beautifully spirited and incredibly talented Rachael Johns. I am eagerly awaiting Rachael’s June release, Jilted, which promises to be a ripper of a read. The dazzling front cover has me hooked already!

Welcome, Rachael. It’s wonderful to have you here today.

Where were you born, raised, schooled and what was the most mischievous thing you did when you were a child?

I was born in London, moved to Sydney at 18 months, then to Perth at 7 years. I FEEL like I was raised in Perth because that’s where I went to school and that’s where I spent my teens.

Bronwyn Parry, Awesome Aussie Author

This week my Awesome Aussie Author guest is the bestselling romantic suspense author, Bronwyn Parry. Bronwyn is a wonderfully warm hearted lady with a gift for keeping you gripped to the pages of her novels. She lives on 100 acres of beautiful bushland in the New England tablelands, with her husband and two energetic border collies.
Welcome, Bronwyn, I’m so excited to have you here with me today. I love your books.
Where were you born, raised, schooled and what was the most mischievous thing
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